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Meeting emotional needs

What portion of your day is dedicated to meeting your emotional needs? More and more people feel they don’t have time to spend on emotions and put them on the back burner. How often do you eat meals together as a family without watching television? Or do you allow yourself to sit quietly and empty your mind before filling it up again? Can you easily ask others for what you need? Do you feel comfortable expressing yourself?

Neglecting emotional needs can cause a range of problems including; dissatisfaction, stress, sadness, anger, or increased conflict with family or coworkers. You may stop enjoying favorite activities or stop challenging yourself to try new things. Do you turn to alcohol, drugs, or food to satisfy emotional hunger? Perhaps you are isolating yourself or building a wall around your heart.

You may need to take action!

Taking Action!

When we are out of shape physically, we work with a trainer to teach us about fitness. The trainer will often have us lift weights or push ourselves cardiovascularly beyond what we would normally do. It’s called “resistance training” and it’s based on the scientific principal that working against resistance leads to more strength. You can achieve emotional fitness through a similar principle. A therapist will help you identify problem areas, set goals, and take action toward emotional health. You use “resistance training” to challenge patterns, or defenses that might hinder your growth. This program may include facing fears, learning healthy styles of communication, altering patterns of negative thinking, and increasing self responsibility. You might feel a natural resistance to make such changes since our bodies work to maintain the status quo. A therapist can provide a safe, structured place where you will actively challenge this resistance and grow past it.

Make an Appointment:

One of the most difficult steps in therapy is calling for that first appointment. It is scary to admit you have work to do. Remember that picking up the phone means you are taking action toward emotional health.

You can reach me at (949) 981-9717.

The First Appointment

This is easier than you may think. The first session is mostly information gathering and getting to know each other. I generally begin by asking what brings you here today. And what have you already done toward resolving this issue?

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