Common Treatment Issues

Women's Issues

Women often seek therapy when they are struggling with a relationship issue. The issue can be with themselves, a partner, family member, or co-worker. They experience depression, anxiety, worthlessness, anger, and tend to blame themselves. Most women enjoy the therapeutic process and make better choices as a result. They report feeling stronger and happier about themselves and those around them.

Here are common problems I encounter in my practice:

  • Depression / Unhappiness / Dissatisfaction
  • Perfectionism / Poor self-esteem
  • Anxiety / Panic Attacks
  • Anger / Resentment

Men's Issues

Men typically seek therapy to deal with a specific problem such as depression, anxiety, grief, loss, or addictive behavior. They come because the problem is interfering with their work or marriage, and causing additional stress in their lives. Male clients enjoy the therapeutic process because it provides relief, solutions, and gives them a new outlook.

These are common problems I encounter in my practice:

  • Chronic Stress / Anxiety
  • Grief / Loss (relationship, financial, family)
  • Addictive behaviors such as; excessive alcohol consumption (often referred by a loved one to get help)
  • Depression / Anger

Couples Issues

Couples seek therapy to improve their relationship or gracefully dissolve it. Years of painful conflict can cause deep wounds that may feel like permanent damage. However, dedicated partners can repair their relationships. Couples in therapy learn to stop blaming each other and how to really listen. They take proactive steps to be on the same team and communicate more effectively. They focus on rebuilding their friendship and enjoying each other again.

These are the common problems I encounter in my practice:

  • Infidelity
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Anger / Chronic conflict and Fighting
  • Controlling / Unloving Spouse

Internet Addiction

Internet addiction is negatively affecting many individuals and families. People are sacrificing face to face relationships for time spent on-line. Individuals feel good and even euphoric in cyberspace because it offers an escape from “real life problems”. Cyberspace is a breeding ground for unhealthy and addictive behavior. Without intervention, computer addiction can critically impair education, employment, and relationships.

Individuals seek help for:

  • Excessive Web Browsing
  • Chat Rooms
  • Compulsive Checking of Stocks / Email
  • On-line Video Games / Gambling / Shopping
  • Pornography Sites
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