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Statistics show that 52% of attorneys are unhappy despite their high income levels. Since I specialize in depression, anxiety, and personal growth, I see many attorneys in my practice.

Attorneys learn to play by the rules in order to maximize a favorable outcome. However, life and love doesn’t always play by the rules. These unexpected outcomes can cause deep disappointment, confusion, and suffering.

Lawyers benefit from a supportive, therapeutic relationship. Feeling secure and safe on the inside promotes compassion, understanding, and growth in their personal and professional lives.

Here are some reasons why lawyers come in to see me for therapy.

Work Issues

Unhappiness, stress, and high levels of dissatisfaction at work related to:

  • Highly competitive work environment (not knowing who you can trust).
  • Bosses who are overly critical and unsupportive.
  • Fear of being laid off or not getting an anticipated promotion, raise, or bonus.
  • Isolation (long hours and lack of gratitude).
  • Business practices that conflict with personal standards or values.
  • Optimal skills being underutilized at work.

Relationship Issues

Attorneys can feel overly responsible or lonely in their primary relationships:

  • Work demands conflict with romantic relationships.
  • Struggle to balance professional and personal lives.
  • Uncomfortable feeling vulnerable and letting others take care of them.
  • Feeling disappointed and/or unsupported in relationships.
  • Feeling isolated and alone.

Health Issues

Lawyers often have underlying health problems caused by the high levels of chronic stress they endure. Relaxing is a challenge:

  • Depression /sadness/grief or unhappiness which includes: feeling hopeless, unmotivated, disconnected, unsure and stuck.
  • Anxiety and chronic stress including: feeling panicky, obsessive thinking, agitation, anger, loss of control.
  • Sleep difficulties and fatigue.
  • Chronic back problems.
  • Other health issues that are related to chronic stress.


My practice is an option for lawyers who wish to work on any of the above issues. In addition the following resource on the web may be of value:

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