About Psychotherapy

Many people fear that therapy is about sitting on a sofa talking endlessly about feelings and problems. My philosophy is that feelings show us where we are stuck and which thoughts need to be challenged. Therapy is a dynamic process where the client and therapist review thoughts and feelings to update those which interfere with success and positive experiences. When therapy is working, clients enjoy the process and report how much lighter they feel after each session.

How long does it take?

Traditionally, therapy sessions met for 50 minutes once a week for many years. However, this has changed due to the reality of people’s busy schedules, cost of therapy, and limited coverage by HMO’s. These days, the client or their insurance carrier, often decides the length of treatment. Most people opt to remain in therapy until they resolve the issue that brought them there. This can happen in anywhere from 4 to 40 sessions.

Some clientele come to therapy in short bursts. They schedule several sessions every couple of months when something comes up. It is like getting a booster shot.

Other clients prefer a more traditional, regular schedule knowing they will have somebody supportive and independent to talk with each week.

The length and frequency of therapy is best determined by you and your therapist based on your individual situation.

How much does it cost?

Fees can vary widely depending on experience and the local market. My fee is $140 per 50 minute session. I accept check, cash, and credit cards. Some clients opt to use insurance depending upon their specific plan and coverage. Using insurance is a great option however, it is important to understand that a clinical diagnosis must be provided to the insurance company for sessions to be covered. Many clients opt to pay out of pocket to ensure complete privacy or to work with the therapist of their choice.

What is a sliding scale?

Many therapists offer a “sliding scale fee schedule” which means they will lower their fee in circumstances where a client cannot afford the full fee but would benefit from therapy. The therapist tries to accommodate their client’s financial limitations and negotiate a reasonable fee. If an arrangement cannot be made, an appropriate referral will be provided.

Common Misunderstandings

False True
Psychotherapy takes years of treatment. The length of treatment is determined by you and your therapist.
People who seek treatment are “crazy”. All types of clients enter therapy. It is like having an emotional personal trainer.
Psychotherapists’ just want to talk about “feelings” — which does not change your life Discussing feelings provides a context for the clients situation however, does not substitute for the work that needs to get done.
Men fear a female therapist will gang up on him in couples counseling If you feel this is happening, say something. The therapist treats the couple as the client and aligns when it is therapeutically appropriate—not based on gender.
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